Rock Facts

Newfoundlanders are…
  • the sexiest people in Canada (Macleans magazine survey)
  • the only province that has four identifiable flags
  • the only province able to land the space shuttle (Stephenville and Goose Bay, according to NASA)
  • the most giving people in Canada (Statistics Canada)
Newfoundland has...
  • the oldest street in North America (Water Street)
  • the oldest city in North America (St. John’s)
  • the oldest rock in the world
  • the oldest continuous sporting event (Royal St. John’s Regatta)
  • the largest university in Atlantic Canada (Memorial University)
  • the most pubs per square foot in Canada (George Street)
  • the longest running radio program in North America (Fisherman’s Broadcast)
  • caught the world's largest invertebrate (giant squid)
Newfoundland was...
  • the first province to respond to Titanic's distress signal
  • the first to vaccinate for smallpox
  • the first to host a transatlantic flight
  • the first to have wireless communication in the world
  • the first place to discover proof of the theory of continental drift
A Newfoundlander…
  • built the world's first artificial ice arena
  • invented the gas mask
  • was once governor of Northern Rhodesia
  • was with Abraham Lincoln at Gettysberg
Newfoundland is the only province to have its own…
  • encyclopedia
  • dictionary
  • pony
  • dogs
  • cultural publication